6 weeks to 2 years

This group is licensed for children aged between 6 weeks and 2 years. We have 2 staff (a Group Leader and Assistant) with a maximum group size of 8 children at any one time.

Our babies room offers a safe, nurturing environment where your little ones will be our first priority. Children who attend our nursery will have all bed linen provided, thus ensuring a high standard of cleanliness every day your child attends. Our Nursery carers work with you, the parent, to ensure each childs individual needs are being met.

Daily Room Routine

6:45 Combine in preschool room

7:00 Settle children into nursery room

Set morning activities (painting, blocks, soft toys)

8:30 Change wet nappies

Start getting morning tea ready

Morning tea

9:00 Morning tea

(One staff member to sit with children at all times)

9:15 Clean up morning tea

One staff member to sit with children and apply sunscreen

9:30 Outdoor play time (sandpit play, slides, tricycles)

10:00 Indoor morning activities (singing, story time)

10:30 Nappy change

10:45 Pack up room

Group time (songs, dancing)

Lunch time

11:00 Lunch time

11:30 Clean up lunch (one staff member)

Check nappies. Settle children

12:00 Quiet activities for children that are awake

12:15 Room cleaning check list

Get afternoon tea ready

1:50 Nappies


2:00 Afternoon tea

2:30 Clean up afternoon tea. Check nappies,

3:00 Afternoon activities (craft)

4:00 Change nappies

5:00 Late afternoon tea

6:00 Close centre

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